10 Creative Ideas for Creating a Office Area in a Small House

Are you missing an extra room to set up an office? Rest assured, the house has unsuspected places to set up a nice little work corner and perfectly equipped for your studious evenings. Under a staircase, in a cupboard or a niche, express decryption of these spaces where you can set up an office according to your living space and your needs.


Generally left abandoned or transformed into a closet, the space available under the stairs deserves our full attention. And for good reason, it offers a nice surface to install an ultra well-appointed office area.

Advantages :

– The staircase is away from other rooms in the house as a separate room where you can isolate yourself for work.

– It can accommodate a more or less large office, but above all lower furniture on casters, which will come to rest under the lowest part of the staircase.

– On the wall space available under the stairs, it will be possible to hang mini shelves to store your stationery or, even better, to personalize the place with a whole bunch of small decorative frames.


Usually, the large sliding cupboards make it possible to hide from view all of our little decorative items. However, the place can very well improvise into a very practical office area.

Advantages :

– If you are the messy type, with the office option in the closet, you will no longer feel guilty about putting the mess up since everything will now be hidden from everyone’s eyes.

– This space will be adapted according to your needs: shelves to accommodate the filing cabinets and the printer, a magnetic wall to play the sticky notes if necessary.

– Space is thus optimized to the maximum: your office does not encroach on your room, better, it is almost invisible!

– The idea of the office in the closet adapts to any room in the house: living room, bedroom, or hallway.



An office at the entrance? Not very practical a priori, let us prove to you the opposite! Depending on the dimensions of your entrance, the integration of an office with more than reasonable dimensions is quite possible. Opt for a large and high column to cleverly accommodate a desk, shelves, and cupboards.

Advantages :

– An ultra-complete piece of furniture that benefits from a nice height under the ceiling to accommodate everything you need to work. The floor space is thus little invaded by the office area.

– The space is intelligently furnished with a bench with precise dimensions which comes to be stored under the desk. Nothing obstructs the passage of the entrance.


For hardworking souls who need a real home office, and therefore room, consider exploiting the angles of your rooms. If there are custom-made corner desks, notably having a part for writing and another reserved for the computer, our choice is rather on a large table on trestles.

Advantages :

– This type of office offers a beautiful work surface and cultivates the connected worker side with this typical support that we find in architect workshops.

– Near, precisely in the corner, shelves installed offset to break the strict character of the studious atmosphere required by the office area.


Remember this niche in your apartment when you moved in, what a headache! Well, now is the time to be cunning and think about installing an office space worthy of the name. No more working on the kitchen or living room table, but rather in the niche.

Advantages :

– This corner requires it is true, a little tinkering (do not panic: it will just be enough to install wooden shelves to the size of the space) but it offers additional storage: make the shelves climb all over the height for example.

– Thanks to this space, you don’t waste an inch by fitting it intelligently: a folding office chair that will be easily stored when you are not working, a desk lamp to be pinched on the shelf, etc.


Fashionistas can shout sacrilege, we will answer them no: fitting out an office area in a dressing room does not distort this place dedicated to our fashion pieces.

Advantages :

– The office takes place in a room where there is little passage, ideal for working with peace of mind.

– The office will fit between two large columns of the dressing room, and if you have a window, you can work in natural light!

– Take advantage of a large wardrobe nearby to install all your important files.


There are the partisans and the antis. And yes, the idea of an office area in the bedroom divides. If you live as a couple, you will have to argue to be able to install this work corner within the sleeping area. Here are some arguments for your argument.

– You may lose space in the bedroom, but you will gain points on the look side. Because the desk in the room is the assurance of an arty touch with a piece of furniture carefully chosen and decorated in the surroundings.

– If you had to choose a good piece of furniture, take a mini desk with double airs. We could for example confuse it with a dressing table, the whole thing is to compartmentalize the two activities with nice little storage on one side for work, on the other for beauty products.


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