10 Decorative tips to follow to enlarge a room without pushing the walls!

Low ceilings, small rooms, dark walls and cramped corridors: in an interior, there are sometimes many obstacles to prevent our dreams of big space. But with a few keys in hand, it is not impossible to create a feeling of tailor-made space, pleasant and practical to live. Play with color, choose the right lighting, arrange the space differently, add volume using paint or wallpaper: discover the best solutions to enlarge a room without breaking everything!

Choose low furniture to avoid loading the room

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To give a feeling of space to a room, forget the climbing shelves up to the ceiling as well as the heavy and tall cupboards . The impression of space is obtained in fact by choosing low furniture that allows to clear the visual field and therefore to open the space. Forget the tall furniture and choose pretty consoles, tables and low sideboards to store your things. For the essential closets, choose them in light colors and opt for sliding doors that take up less space than hinged doors.

Store, sort, hide (or even throw away) to save space

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The bazaar is the enemy of small parts. To create a feeling of space, it is indeed essential to store your rooms . This advice is valid for extra trinkets that obstruct the space but also for unsuitable or too bulky furniture. So get rid of the superfluous or at least hide it.

Go for light colors

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The choice of colors is essential to give an impression of space to a room. To do well, opt for light shades that give the illusion of a larger room and allow to gain in brightness. Cold colors and pastels also work very well. White, off-white, cream, but also pale green, powder pink, light blue: the light color ranges available are very wide. This advice applies of course for the choice of your paint (use a color chart and choose the color that suits you), but also for your choice of tiles, parquet, carpet, etc.

Choose the right flooring to create a feeling of unity

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In order not to break the feeling of space, you have to bet on continuity. To give the illusion of surface and volume, it is therefore important to avoid clean cuts in your decor, especially in terms of the choice of floor covering. Prefer therefore a particularly clear and plain floor covering , especially for small rooms placed in a row. This will indeed not break the perspective. For example, long plank floors will save you space visually on the living room side. In the bedroom, the carpet will invite itself on the floor to produce a feeling of space in the heart of the bedroom.

Think of the power of mirrors to enlarge space

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The secret of mirrors ? They reflect the light and reflect your interior there to immediately give an impression of grandeur. For even more space, choose large mirrors and place them in several places in the room, if possible in front of the windows to reflect the exterior. You can also place two in front of each other: the infinite space effect will bring a surprising dimension to your room.

Lighten the windows so as not to suffocate the room

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To enlarge a room , it is important to let in light. Avoid obstructing windows with heavy curtains or thick velvet drapes. The ideal? On the contrary, choose light curtains , in cotton or linen, which filter the sun’s rays gently, even if it means installing several to increase the opacity when necessary. Choose them light in color to prevent them from absorbing the incoming light and open them wide each morning. In short, let the sun come in!

Use wallpaper to add depth to a room

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A practical and decorative solution: panoramic wallpaper ! These life-size decors are becoming more and more essential in interiors for the cachet they bring instantly but also for a major effect: their presence on the wall creates a feeling of depth. A quality much appreciated for rooms such as small bedrooms where this type of wallpaper will be used as a large headboard to bring volume to the place. Ditto in a long living room, this wallpaper will be located on the smallest wall so as to create depth and emphasize the length of the room.

Play with contrasts to balance the room

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If you lack space and have a narrow and ill-proportioned room, it is possible to restore the volumes and re balance the room by playing on the contrasts. Is the ceiling too low? Bet on verticality. If on the contrary it is too high, opt for horizontality by drawing for example lines parallel to the ground and on the walls in order to give the visual impression that the ceiling is lower. Similarly, if a room seems too rectangular, you can reduce this feeling by choosing a light color for the longest walls and a darker color for the smallest.

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