10 Decorative trends that will be all the rage in 2020!

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Sculptural, mineral, super slow or completely arty, the year 2020 takes shape in the footsteps of a year 2019 where the world of decoration had already sought to abandon overused styles for a return to more assertive objects less standardized. On the program for the coming months: original but mastered re appropriations of the Nordic style, imperfect objects in their shapes, a refreshing mint blue, reassuring curly wool … A gentle metamorphosis noticed and remarkable which is clearly not displeasing us , on the contrary.

Bipod objects to gain height

Flower pots, vases and lights seem to want to stand on two feet. While the legs became elongated and the furniture gained height last winter, this season, it is the bipods that take possession of the decor. And for good reason, our interiors expect to see life in duplicate while honoring this artistic movement which is only gaining ground. Result? Bold and graphic objects that display and stand proudly on two curved feet.

Round shapes to take it easy

In the same vein as these imperfect forms which are essential to the look in our decoration, a form seems to exercise a certain monopoly in this return. On our walls or on the ground, it undulates severely in the decor. Arcs of a circle line mirrors, vases and carpets. Pleasant and poetic scrolls escape from bed linen and new furniture. A curvaceous trend inherited from Art Nouveau, which used to favor enveloping curves .

A mint blue to refresh an interior

We thought naively the mint blue reserved for summer heat. However, this hue is making a comeback on stage, noticed for fall. Ideal for energizing an interior, this shade also called Mint elegantly refreshes various decorative pieces such as a vintage desk, outdoor furniture and sofas. Pastel but invigorating at the same time, mint blue carries with it a pleasant imagination. Regressive and retro at will, we like to see it delicately lay on different pieces of our interior or exterior.

Low armchairs for an uninhibited attitude

The chair lowers to gain comfort and an uninhibited attitude. Less stuffy, more natural, this trend of low armchairs reaffirms a need to return to basics. Closer to the ground, using natural materials (wooden structure and cords for the backrest and seat), these low armchairs (or chairs for some) bring naturalness and softness to a living room like the living room.

Sculptural objects to have works of art in the decor

By betting on a controlled combination of textures, volumes and colors, vases and other bowls are no longer content with their utilitarian status. Thus, this set of objects sports a rough, almost handcrafted appearance, to transform into real pieces of design to be exhibited at will. Adorned with neutral and natural hues, these new  sculptural objects are  conspicuously curling with the work of art that looks more than desirable – and often less expensive.

Imperfect forms to follow the art & craft movement

The decorative design universe is becoming more and more drawn to imperfect forms. The art & craft trend has been there. She knew how to impose a new desire, far from the usual straight lines and codes. In the wake of this trend, the objects seem to be reworked by hand or cut in stone. Once placed in our interiors, these new pieces gleaned from the Scandinavians, notably like Ferm Living or Kristina Dam Studio inject the decor with a precious and unexpected atmosphere.

Colorful ceramics for an assumed arty atmosphere

For 2020, the decorative sphere proudly displays its taste for colored ceramics . Here, the pastels are sublimated while the intense colors are subtly attenuated giving free rein to the aerial undulations. The textured aspect of the ceramic breathes an almost artistic dynamism, on a wall, a floor but it is indeed is on the art of the table that this refreshing trend takes all its meaning. As if dipped in a pot of diluted paint, ceramic dishes are light and stylish.

Curly wool on furniture to face winter

The rustic classic of our winter wardrobes, curly wool is now bursting into our interiors. To play the natural card this winter without relegating our love for design to the background, we opt for the soft lines and the enveloping colors of the curly wool furniture. With their desirable and comforting curves, sofas , benches or even armchairs appropriate this downy and highly warm material. An ally who is timely to face future negative temperatures.

Terracotta galore to raise the temperature

In reaction to standardized mass production or the need to reconnect to a somewhat neglected nature, designers from all walks of life fall in love with organic materials and clay nuances that are essentially linked to the earth. This obvious use of natural resources offers a return in favor of terracotta . Acclaimed for several seasons, this material struggled to gain unanimity in favor of sculptural ceramics or delicate porcelain. In 2020, terracotta promises to appear everywhere: raw on the dishes or using its earthy nuances on the walls. Extra soul and sunburn guaranteed.

Surreal faces to charm the decor

A year ago, we had put our finger on something: an eye, a nose, a mouth, the decor was passionate about the smallest detail of minimalist faces. Ancient faces , surreal or poetic, all were likely to impose their charms in our decor. This new edition of the Maison & Objet Fair confirms this momentum for these arty faces. Cushion, plate, carpet, wall decoration, the decoration shows its true face on the slightest of decorative accessories confirming this trend a bit narcissistic, we grant you …

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