10 Ideas to copy to create a cocooning room

In autumn as in winter, a very common desire is felt: to spend your room in cocooning mode . What could be more normal with the arrival of these seasons when temperatures drop and the days get shorter than designing an ultra cozy bedroom   where it will be nice to laze in the evening. Walls, textiles, floor, we decipher 10 details that play a fundamental role in a cozy atmosphere.

Bet on Scandinavian style in the bedroom

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The Scandinavian style bedroom is the one that makes us feel good … and which clearly fits in with the times. Ultra cozy, it is dressed in natural shades that mix with ultra soft materials such as velvet and wool, the set is generally punctuated by green plants and a few designer pieces to alternate the room between tradition and modernity.

Opt for subdued lighting

The lights also have their roles to play in making a room soft and cozy . To vary the brightness according to the desires and needs, the good idea is to alternate between floor lamps, suspensions, table lamps and small bedside lamps .

Warm the whole with a plaid

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The bed is the first element to notice in the bedroom. Often simply covered with sheets and pillows, we regularly tend to forget to spread a plaid there . Of a more sustained color than the sheets, so that it is noticed, the plaid has the function of making the room warmer and more cocooning .

Add a headboard for a cocooning room

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Add a fabric headboard to gain comfort on the bedroom side. Choose this highly cozy detail in the colors of the bedroom and more particularly of the wall against which the bed will rest.

Multiply the little decor

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The idea is not very bad , we grant it to you, but the room filled with small decor, souvenirs, books will be extremely more reassuring and cozy to the eye than the stripped room which respects to the letter the precepts of the minimalist style. A room with a maximalist decor to wallow without scruples in the charm of a skillfully organized decor.

Dare the dark colors for a cocooning decoration

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The cocoon is synonymous with softness and serenity so we avoid flashy and fluorescent colors and very strong bold colors. For a cocooning decoration , we adopt neutral and timeless tones (beige, taupe, gray) that we will enhance with one or more colors that will give character and determine the spirit of the decoration. For an atmosphere that focuses on softness, we prefer pastel colors(pale pink, Scandinavian blue, almond green, mauve).

Opt for voluptuous materials

نتيجة بحث الصور عن cocooning bedroom

For a room to be cozy, the accumulation of voluptuous and cozy textiles is a plus. The cocooning adult bedroom  showcases different soft and pleasant fabrics, starting with the thick curtains that accentuate the cozy atmosphere, as well as the warm and warm carpet and bedspread. Gain in the thickness of the windows, the bed and the floor turns out to be the key word in the cozy bedroom!

Create a cozy atmosphere with sheers

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Entirely white, the room is not cold either. Soberly furnished, it benefits from natural light, varying according to the times of the day, becoming softer thanks to the sheer curtains which create a dim light in the evening, all for a soothing felted atmosphere . Symmetrical to the arrangement of the lamps, the cozy bedroom takes on the air of a small cocoon where it is good to be together.

Bet on a carpet in the cocooning room

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If you’ve been dragging the purchase of a bedroom rug for ages , entering a season where temperatures will drop is the best time to buy a cozy rug. We will preferably choose it in a very large format so that it comes to cover the floor on each side of the bed to warm your feet as soon as you get up!

Succumb to the charm of a winter wallpaper

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Contrary to what one can imagine, forest-style or country-style wallpapers will warm up the atmosphere of a room. It is an opportunity or never to succumb to it, it will for example have its effect on the wall on the headboard side. A wallpaper in shades of gray to escape into mysterious landscapes as soon as you jump out of bed!

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