Haussmanian apartment in its own right but so well placed, mill house with electricity to redo, or sublime loft to fully develop, you fell on the interior of your dreams, but for reality to stick to your Pinterest board, it will take go through the coated, dust and plaquo box. So you hesitate before making an offer. To help you see more clearly, we have teamed up with Little Worker . The specialty of this company, take charge of apartment renovations from A to Z: plans, specifications, selection of service providers, site monitoring and reception. Their goal: to remove all the stress from a site. Suffice to say that when we talk about work, they know what it involves.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن RENOVATION


Many different service providers can support you during a renovation: construction brokers, architects, general contractor, traditional contractor, connecting platforms, etc. All these players do not offer the same service. Before contacting them and comparing their quotes, find out about the specific role of each


As soon as the compromise is signed, we start to project ourselves, to create inspiration boards on Pinterest, to imagine how we are going to bring our touch to this new interior. We already see knocking down partitions to put canopies, change the bathroom floor, create a library … But be careful not to get started too quickly. “We must not neglect the phase that we call studies,” recalls Marguerite Naudin, Project design manager for Little Worker. “We often want to go headlong into the works! This is very understandable, but it is really important not to neglect the precise definition of the project, the choice of materials, to take into account all the delivery times so as not to have budget or deadline surprises. »You just have to fall for a zellige tile available only within 8 weeks to block the bathroom work. Preparing everything in advance avoids unpleasant surprises during the work. At Little Worker, the study time is a minimum of one month, “this is an opportunity to have all the technical plans carried out to ensure the feasibility of the ideas written down on paper but also to model some 3D to ensure that the rendering is consistent with what we want.


When you love decoration, renovating is a must. This allows you to have fun by choosing your decor down to the smallest details (from parquet to paint through switches). When you bought you already imagined a plywood kitchen and a big blue wall in the living room. Since then, you have spent hours on Instagram (and perhaps on this blog!) And for the show you hesitate between terra cotta and sage green. For the kitchen, you finally want powdered pink furniture and a terrazzo worktop… Pinterest, blogs, magazines, social networks, it’s not the inspiration that is lacking but rather the mode of job to sort. Difficult to know what we really like in the midst of these creative images full of personality. We don’t rush, we try to take a step back and see the elements that come up regularly in our selections. The problem with overly trendy choices is that they may tire sooner. However, when you do heavy work, you rarely want to take out the tarpaulins and the drill immediately.

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