5 Unstoppable tips for choosing the right color for your Living Room

If white remains the star of the living room walls, the more frank colors are not outdone. Pink, yellow, green or even purple, all the nuances of the chromatic palette are welcome in the living room if they are used wisely. How to choose the right colors for the living room? What colors to choose for the living room? Here are all our tips for choosing the ideal color for your living room.

Listen to your personal tastes to choose the right color for the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

The most important rule for choosing the  best color for the living room is above all to listen to your personal taste. The good tip is to look in your closet and observe the colors there. If you never wear blue, don’t paint your living room blue, you might get tired of it. Bet on colors that you really like rather than following trends. You will spend a lot of time in this living room, the color you choose must make you comfortable and comfortable.

Choose the color according to the exhibition

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

To find the best color for your living room, you have to start wondering about the orientation of your room. You have to also choose a color that will fit with your furniture and also suits your tastes, while being consistent with the sun exposure of your living room. If your room is exposed to the north, opt for a warm color to warm the living room . Thus, an old rose will warm the decoration of the room, you can associate it without false note with a very soft pearl gray. We can also crack on a mole, a beige or an off-white. If, on the contrary, the living room is exposed to the south, you can soften the atmosphere by betting on shades of yellow, golden honey, or peach.

Combine color with the ambiance of the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

The color of the living room will give a very specific atmosphere to the room. It is also depending on what you want to feel when you are in your living room that you have to choose the color . As you know, colors have a great effect on the overall atmosphere of the room and your emotions about it . For a cozy and comfortable lounge , in which you will like to relax and unwind, bet on blue, a soothing color. The soft colors and neutral tones are your allies. If you want to create a more warm, comforting and friendly atmosphere, bet on colors evoking autumn, such as ocher.

Bet on a maximum of three shades for a harmony of colors in the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

As with dressing, care is taken over the choice of colors for its decoration: the rule of thumb, no more than three colors, is also valid for your interior! We therefore choose a harmony of colors for the living room . So, we put on pastel shades if our coffee table is green with water, on neutral tones if we have white furniture. We are looking for harmony between the different colors. Either we opt for neighboring colors on the chromatic circle, blue and green; either we prefer to play contrasts with colors in opposition to the chromatic circle. You can also bet on complementary colors and combine yellow and purple or green and red. The idea may seem surprising and yet, the

Choose a color according to the decor style of the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

The color also adapts to the different styles you choose to give to your interior. To accompany a decoration of Scandinavian inspiration, we will opt for pastel shades, soft colors, such as powder pink, ice blue or green. Warmer tones, orange-yellow, mustard, or more acidulous colors will easily evoke a seventies atmosphere and a vintage interior. Finally, for an industrial show or in a loft style, you can opt for lead gray, brick red. Contemporary living rooms, they will bet on sobriety with shades in gray, white or black.

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