6 Reasons to install a canopy in a bedroom

Ideal for structuring a space, partitioning without closing and letting the light circulate , the canopy continues to prove itself in our interiors. This very trendy partition is thus a major asset in a bedroom. Workshop type canopy , canopy with base , canopy with crosspiece or even custom canopy in steel or wood, whatever its appearance, its result is always faithful to the desired goal: to define a living space while letting the light circulate, all by bringing cachet to the room where it takes place. Here are 6 examples to convince you to adopt it as you please.

A small glass roof to bring character to the bedroom

نتيجة بحث الصور عن bedroom

We keep praising the “practical” merits of the glass roof in a room. However, its purely aesthetic aspect should not be silenced. The canopy is trendy it is a fact. Its presence is the guarantee of an originality, of a cachet brought to the room. Canopy to keep an eye on the corridor near the bedroom or canopy to isolate the bathroom area from the rest of the bedroom, depending on its function but also according to the style of the room, its style will vary. Small canopy or large canopy , transparent glass or reinforced glass, workshop style canopy or canopy with wooden cleats, it will always be able to develop its aesthetics in multiple gaits.

Decorative advice in addition?  Before investing in a canopy for the bedroom , you have to take into consideration the wall where you want to integrate it. Make sure that it does not contain an electricity or water supply, especially in the case of proximity to the bathroom. Finally, if a load-bearing wall can jump, this will necessarily impact the glass budget since it will have to have an additional beam. A significant investment …

A glass roof to create a beautiful dressing area in the bedroom

نتيجة بحث الصور عن bedroom

There are several layout options to create a dressing room in a bedroom . It is possible to structure the room with partitioned furniture such as a large wardrobe at the head of the bed or curtains to hide this space dedicated to his wardrobe. The canopy is thus essential in the list of possible solutions and has a real advantage in addition: it imposes a crazy character on the room, allows it to structure its different uses and to let light circulate …

Decorative advice in addition? Who says dressing is likely to say “bazaar”. And yes, the canopy allows the light to circulate and therefore to keep an eye on its open dressing room , which we will naturally take care to store as well as possible. The bazaar in the bedroom is one of the many enemies of perfect sleep, don’t forget!

A glass roof to share the space between bedroom and bathroom

نتيجة بحث الصور عن bedroom

Very common in the parental suites , the canopy is the glass partition which completes the setting of this relaxation corner that embodies the bedroom accompanied by a bathroom. It divides the suite into two spaces with a significant charm. Besides its obvious cachet, where it is very practical it is in the light it brings to the bathroom corner, which does not always benefit from natural light and a window. With it, the bedroom takes on the appearance of a hotel suite!

Decorative advice in addition? Its presence makes it possible to continue the decorative style of the bedroom in the bathroom or on the contrary to play the card of difference. Your turn to judge !

A glass roof to create a separation with the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن canopy in a bedroom

Very appreciated for circulating light from one room to another, the glass roof is the accomplice arrangement of small spaces in need of windows and by extension of light. Thus, it plays a roughly charming partition between the bedroom and the kitchen-living room. Thanks to its presence, the space is structured, while erasing the real partitions which prevent the volume of the space from being distributed generously.

Decorative advice in addition? For those who would like to keep the charm of the canopy while enjoying more privacy, several possibilities: the half canopy option perched on a wall can allow you to keep an eye on the room subtly. It is also possible to invest in a reinforced glass canopy to see without being seen in the room. Finally, the cheapest solution: the traditional pair of curtains  in addition!

A glass roof to structure a child’s room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن canopy in a bedroom

The bedroom is subject to changes in family life: additional child to be housed in the elder’s bedroom, newborn to be installed in the parents’ bedroom … For each of these different situations, the canopy appears as a good compromise to have a small room in addition . The custom-made canopy in particular will create a partition as close as possible to your expectations. Number of glazing, type of glass, color of the canopy, number of transoms, length and also width: these different criteria will subtly adapt to the existing room.

A glass roof for an ultra bright bedroom

نتيجة بحث الصور عن canopy in a bedroom

In a city apartment looking for more contemporary touches, the glass roof made up of one or more vertical glass partitions has its place, especially in the bedroom. This type of minimalist canopy not perched on a low wall or counter will enlarge the shared spaces. Bedroom and bathroom, bedroom and dressing room or bedroom and office will share and benefit from a beautiful light as well as a great visibility on each other.

Decorative advice in addition?  Use the colors and materials of the glass roof chosen on the neighboring decorative elements. Here, the industrial spirit of the glass roof brilliantly combines with the industrial style pendant lights in the kitchen.

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