7 Ways to properly position your sofa in a living room

Where to put your sofa ? This is the priority question when it comes to fitting out a living room . It is around this star piece of furniture, symbol of conviviality in the living room, that everything else is organized. It is basically the sofa that makes up the room, its location will define that of the coffee table but also of the TV cabinet, the library … To sum up the position of the sofa ensures the harmony of the room. Facing a window to enjoy the view, against a piece of furniture to create two spaces, in an angle to save space, discover the different possibilities for positioning your sofa (s) …

A sofa against a wall near a window

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Putting a sofa against a wall is clearly the most common practice. Although classic, this position remains very practical, especially in small salons . Placed in this way, the sofa follows the lines of the wall and allows those who sit there to keep an eye on the whole room, therefore practical for living-dining rooms. Side size of the sofa , small as large will suit this arrangement, be careful however to properly proportion the size of the sofa according to the size of the wall so as not to unbalance the room.

The plus of a sofa against a wall? The decor of course! Placed in this way, the seat matches the wall, you can have fun and decorate the wall above the sofa !


Two couches facing each other in a living room

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Having two sofas in a living room is not easy at first sight. At first, you should not insist on bringing two sofas into a living room that is too small . A sofa and two armchairs facing each other can do the trick. However, if the size of the living room allows, you can install two sofas, it will be a real aesthetic plus for the living room. Such an arrangement saves in conviviality as in elegance. Recipe ? Obviously opt for face to face. To gain comfort, place the two sofas in the center of the room to gain fluidity.

The most of two couches facing each other?  The two sofas face each other and if they display the same style both it is even better. Play the decor in parallel, the color reminders on the cushions and add a living room rug and a few coffee tables in between to complete the conviviality of this space.


A sofa in the center of the living room

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Having a sofa in the center of the living room you would almost want to say that it is daring! Because installing your sofa in the middle of the living room means making living space a bit more complex. Arranged in this way the sofa will be the star piece of furniture in the living room and it is around it that all the other pieces of furniture will be positioned. The living room will revolve around the sofa, it will define the different activities in the room (TV corner, dining area …) and its backrest will easily act as space dividers, smart!

The most of a sofa in the center of the living room? The beauty of the sofa clearly, a design sofa model will be very effective in such a configuration, it is towards him that all eyes will turn, think about it before investing!


A back sofa at the entrance to the living room

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Having a back sofa at the entrance to a living room is strongly advised to arrange a small apartment that would not have a corridor for example. The main advantage of this arrangement is that the living room is defined at the entrance. For this type of arrangement, the corner sofa will wonderfully fulfill this function. Be careful, once again, choose a sofa that is large enough and why not have a high back to complete this arrangement.

The plus of a sofa back to the front door in a living room? In a studio or a small apartment, the sofa alone depending on its shape (angle or curve) can very well embody the living room and thus be satisfied with a coffee table and a carpet to create a sort of island living room the entrance.


A corner sofa to structure the living room

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Having a corner sofa in a living room means making the choice to structure your living room very precisely. The corner sofa is the ally of large living rooms and suggests more conviviality. Its L shape is ideal for modulating spaces within the same room. Obviously, you can choose to have this corner sofa in a very classic way in the corner of a room but this would reduce the effect of its main quality …

The most of a sofa in the center of the living room? Undoubtedly its ability to structure the living room, in any case large living rooms, because the corner sofa will be avoided in small living rooms.


A sofa back to the window

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Having a sofa back to the window of a living room allows you to benefit from a pleasant light supply. Sitting on the sofa, you can feel the warmth of the sun and enjoy a room bathed in light. However, this type of arrangement requires choosing the right model of sofa. It should not have a folder too high to not interfere with the opening of windows.

The plus of a sofa in front of a living room window? This type of arrangement allows in particular to match the look of the sofa corner with the cushions to that of the living room curtains to play the card of total harmony.


A sofa in the corner of a room

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Having a sofa in a corner in a living room works as much in a large living room that would like to accommodate two spaces within the same room as in a small living room where one is desperately looking for space. This type of location optimizes the space in the living room and creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

The plus of a corner sofa in a living room? In such a configuration, you can have fun on the walls of the living room and play the contrasts between the walls that form the angle. One of them can display for example a beautiful wallpaper and the other present a color in recall with the fabrics of the cushions or the living room carpet for example.

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