9 Amazing Ideas to Decorate a Small Bathroom

The 50m2 bathrooms are only available in TV movies or the Kardashians. In reality, the bathrooms in our interiors are often small. And it sometimes happens that we have to dig our brains to arrange them in a practical and aesthetic way. Small surface, small budget. It is not always easy to live with a small bathroom!

Today, we will present in this article ideas and inspirations to decorate and furnish a small bathroom. Whether you own or rent, this article will help you see more clearly. Make this room a trendy, modern, and practical place, where it is good to spend time!

Tip: Install a transparent wall to create an impression of space.


 1 – Choose only furniture and elements with very clean lines

For a modern and designer bathroom, we forget all the frills and loaded furniture, too rococo. Take inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian designs: the lines are straight, the materials simple. Whether for furniture or accessories (such as mirrors or storage), this rule prevails. A very classic white tiling completes the whole and highlights the lines.

 2 – Use a storage unit on casters

If you do not have the space to install or fix furniture for the storage of all your belongings in your small bathroom, opt for a trolley on wheels ( like the RASKOG trolley from IKEA ), simple and practical to move. It is a very practical solution if you do not have many beauty products.

Tip: choose a metal cabinet with wheels, easy to clean.

 3 – Put touches of walleye

In a classic bathroom, metal or golden brass are a solution to make it more trendy. Inspired by Art, gold highlights elements of the bathroom that are not very sexy, such as the shower bar or the flush.

 4 – Get inspired by the industrial style

Think about it: the canopies make it possible to partition a room or create partitions, without losing any brightness. It is a practical solution to partition the space between the shower and the rest of the bathroom, or even to have a bathroom integrated in a bedroom of the parental suite type.

 5 – Think of the pocket door

Opening a door can encroach on the space of a bathroom, especially when it is very small. Replace your interior door with a pocket door, which slides into the wall without taking up space.

 6 – Use metro tiles

The elongated subway tiling gives the illusion of a room larger than it really is. Choose a very classic white model. Associated with a nice treated parquet for the bathroom, this creates a small, but the contemporary bathroom.

Tip: the elongated shape of the metro tiles is ideal for small, long bathrooms.

 7 – Choose a wall-hung washbasin cabinet

To save space visually, the vanity unit can be hung. The space available below can then be left free or be optimized with storage baskets to slide towels or beauty products.

Tip: Choose furniture hanging in a narrow bathroom, to save floor space.

8 – Create a bathroom with bathtub and shower

Why choose between bathtub and shower? Thanks to a judicious arrangement, it is possible to have both in a small bathroom! Each space must be exploited to maximize development potential. A bathtub, a shower, a toilet and a sink area, large wall mirrors, storage niches … In short, you can have the essentials of a bathroom without giving up your desires!

Tip: take inspiration from the layout of hotel rooms, where the bathrooms are often small but offer some comfort.

 9 – Use the same tiling on all the walls

In order not to lose the optical illusion, opt for a very classic white tiling. Bright, it highlights the different elements of the bathroom, while providing an impression of length and depth.

Tip: Choose tiles that are light enough to gain brightness and give an impression of depth.

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