All our space-saving tips for planning and expanding a small kitchen

In a small kitchen, you have to know how to use cunning and redouble tricks to equip it as well as possible. Height storage, modular solutions, clever furniture, XS appliances … Discover all of our space-saving advice and ideas to optimize space and create a small kitchen that will be all that great.

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Smart furniture to furnish a small kitchen

In a small kitchen, every square meter counts. So we put on functional and smart furniture to arrange it:

  • A folding table. Perfect for creating a dining area in a mini kitchen , the retractable table fixed to the wall folds and unfolds in the blink of an eye.
  • An island that houses appliances and storage, and can be used as a dining area or work plan as needed.
  • Folding chairs to hang on the wall once the meal is over as well as stools that slide easily under the table without taking up space.
  • A dessert on wheels. It has several baskets to store your dishes and utensils. You have access to all the accessories you need regularly.
  • Of tailored solutions. Faced with the headache that can arise in the development of a small kitchen, know that “tailor-made” solutions exist. All you need to do is go to a store to get help and advice from planning experts.

    Small appliances for mini kitchen

    Because everything does not fit into a cramped kitchen, you have to make choices and give up certain arrangements. To equip your small kitchen in an ingenious way and without taking up too much space, certain household appliances are nevertheless essential:

    • A combined oven . It allows not to multiply the devices and to bypass the oven + microwave option. Significant space savings in a small space!
    • An XS refrigerator. Many mini-formats now exist to adapt perfectly to the space available in your room. You can choose whether or not a larger or smaller freezer compartment.
    • An extractor hood , ideal in a small kitchen open to the living room in order to avoid unpleasant odors which can quickly prove unpleasant in the living room. The visor hood or cap hood is generally the model that takes up the least space.

    If you still have a little space in your kitchen, know that today there are multi-function household appliances and space saving to make your life easier. You can opt for a mini dishwasher . There are even ovens-dishwashers or a 3-in-1: hob, oven and dishwasher. If you do not cook much and live alone or in pairs, two cooking hob fires should suffice. On the other hand, if you like to prepare good meals for your family, having four fires is necessary. You don’t like to cook or simply lack time? Then choose a food processorto make your life easier. Think carefully before you embark on your development project to be sure of making the right choices.

  • Optimize storage space for a small kitchen

    If there is one thing that should not be overlooked in a small kitchen, it is the storage. The kitchen is a space where you accumulate a lot of things: dishes, food, utensils, household appliances … Anything in a small room can be very complicated. The first thing to do is to sort and declutter.

    Then, take advantage of every corner of your kitchen. To save space and free up floor space, bet on tall storage. Think of the clever and practical arrangements you can find everywhere today (Leroy Merlin, Lapeyre , IKEA….). Do not hesitate to use specific arrangements that will save a little space, such as shelves, sliding baskets and other drawers that push the limits of your small kitchen. Do not neglect the interior layout of closets; many brands, notably Ikea, offer organizational solutions: drawer dividers, half-shelves, plate racks, support for lids … No more excuses for poorly arranged cupboards!

    The credenza can allow you to multiply the baskets for cutlery, spice jars and utensils.
    Make the most of the space available on the wall. Shelves, storage bars … Store all the items you need every day.

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