Fitting out your WC: 5 Mistakes to avoid

نتيجة بحث الصور عن bathroom

Often when we invest in a new apartment or a new house, the layout of the toilets goes through the door. As if decoration, wallpaper or lighting had no role to play in this room. However, we all spend a considerable amount of time there as much as in the bathroom. The layout of the toilets also requires providing sufficient storage space, dim lighting, respecting the distances between the different elements … Here too, avoid decorating errors that will spoil the space. Here is the list of decoration faults not to commit in the toilets and the key solutions to save the decoration of your WC!

Neglecting WC decor

The major error in a room like the WC is to think that it should not be decorated, that it should be left neutral, without any fuss. In other words: do not deal with it like another room in the house. Big mistake! And yes, there is nothing worse than a white and sad toilet that looks like an airport or hospital toilet.

Our solution? As in the bathroom, the WC can appear as a room full of fantasy. A piece whose decor style is easy to renew given its size. Painted bases, walls covered with trendy wallpaper, trendy mirror, designer shelves … Tell yourself that the WC can be the room where you can experience your current decorating desires. And then let it be said between us, decorative toilets that always have a small effect with guests!

Do not provide storage in the WC

It is not because toilets are perceived as a small room of second importance that one should transform them into a storage room. No question of transforming this space into a storage room where to store maintenance products, ironing board or vacuum cleaner. No, here, as in the rest of the house, everything must be in its place …

Our solution?  Optimize the space with storage space on the walls and free up space on the floor. No question of loading this space with bulky furniture. Above the toilets, provide storage where you can hide toilet paper, household products and others. Another piece of advice: prefer closed storage rather than open shelves that will catch the dust. Reserve only the shelves for the small decoration.

Forget the washbasin in the WC

There are two schools in terms of the layout of toilets : the toilets integrated into the bathroom and the separate toilets . In the latter case, a major error should be avoided: do not provide a hand basin. Even small, it is essential for practical and clean toilets. No question of running into the next room to wash your hands!

Our solution? A simple small rectangular hand basin for small toilets will do the trick. For larger toilets, a model with basin and storage under the base will be perfect. To optimize space, there are also handy corner handwashers.

Choosing the wrong colors for toilets

WCs are no exception to the color rule. Like any room in the house (if not more), it is necessary to mix the shades in style and above all not to exceed the three colors maximum. The WC surface, generally small, but also its natural luminosity, generally non-existent, does not allow playing the patchwork decoration card here.

Our solution? Avoid the total white look in the toilet, much too messy. Prefer a floor and wall covering in similar colors. You can even create a unity of color and style via a graphic tile floor that continues on the wall for a nice visual effect. White and black, blue and green, pink and yellow, find complementary colors to perfect your WC!

Do not place the mirror in the right place

As in the bathroom, the mirror must have its place in the WC if they have a washbasin. However it should not take place anywhere on the wall and in any form. No question of opting for a large mirror in front of the WC to hope to enlarge the space …

Our solution? As in the bathroom, the mirror will hang on the wall above the hand basin. It must also be located near the WC while respecting a certain distance, no question of bumping into it. In addition, we will favor a round mirror and why not trend to add a little softness in this room which sometimes lacks singularity and charm.

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