How to decorate your bedroom: 6 ideas!

When planning a bedroom, you must necessarily pay great attention to the decoration not only to beautify the room, but also to improve the quality of your sleep. Similarly, when you like the world of your room less and less or as soon as you find it difficult to sleep well, you must refer to the decor as the last option. Speaking of the part of your accommodation that is completely exclusive and reserved for your privacy, you must leave your special touch on your living environment through the decoration. This will reflect your image, your personality or your sense of good taste. In this article, you will find 6 practical ideas with photos for a successful redevelopment.

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The good preparation of the decor

Before any initiative, you must carefully plan all the tasks to be carried out. To start, define the necessary budget (available funds and possible expenses) for the total accomplishment of this decoration. Take the time to do the calculations to make sure that your budget can handle the costs. This will allow you to avoid surprises during the project, or even to change certain elements to minimize costs. Establish in passing the point of the materials already available, the list of additional accessories to buy and the result you want to get at the end of the decoration. You should also take care to note the dimensions of your room, choose a theme and then list the furniture that you want to install. Once this step has been completed, you can start the actual decoration by following the tips below.

The large storage in the bedroom

In order to free up space, ventilate your bedroom and put it in order, you must absolutely organize it.We therefore advise you to get rid of objects, devices or clothing that you no longer use or that are of little use to you. Give your entourage your different things that might interest them and that you do not want to keep. Items that you can make better use of in rooms other than your bedroom should also be evicted. To make this operation a success, target the underside of the bed, your cupboards and your dressing table. This will allow you to make a vacuum, in order to properly arrange your furniture and revamp your space. This is by no means a step to neglect since a less crowded room facilitates the circulation of air and guarantees you a peaceful sleep.

The balance of necessary furniture and their adequate arrangement

Your room is your own, individual space. It is the part of your accommodation that guarantees the desired privacy. The bed is normally the main piece of furniture that you should put in it. We recommend that you install it near the wall to save space and enjoy the view of the outside. According to feng shui, you must absolutely avoid placing your bed in front of the door or window entrance, because it would apparently capture the incoming cosmic energy. You should also avoid installing a mirror in front of your bunk, but placing a comfortable mattress, a headboard and a dresser is essential. For this purpose, choose good furniture and avoid too large furniture that takes up all the space.To arrange your clothes and take advantage of the premises, you must also arrange a few other elements. However, you must take care to adapt the space available to your various installations. First, a small bedside table near the bed will allow you to put the night light and some objects that you do not want to lose sight of (medicine, magazine, alarm clock, etc.). A closet or wardrobe for your clothes and shoes is essential to maintain order in your space. That said, you can at best opt ​​for a closed dressing room with curtains. This will avoid the constraints of open and incessant storage. Also, on your return from work, you will not be faced with the disorganization that would emanate from your shelves or the clothes that hang around here and there. Likewise, a small dressing table in a corner will allow you to order your beauty products and have them handy. You can also install a chair at the foot of your window for your precious moments of reading in the evening. Otherwise,if you have a very large bedroom, you can arrange your sofa and all the comfort you want. Be sure to adapt the space to your requirements so as not to clutter it.


Choose the accessories in accordance with the furniture

After your furniture, certain other elements are essential to decorate your room, enhance its radiance while keeping the ideal atmosphere to attract peaceful sleep. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Choose pretty curtains necessary to hide certain furniture or embellish the place: the curtains insulate the cold, protect you from outside looks and also allow you to create space;
  • For your bed, buy sheets and pillows whose softness and hues make you want to appreciate the climate that your bedroom returns to you;
  • Use especially dark curtains to prevent light from entering;
  • For the general lighting of the space, choose a bright lamp and add a night light ideal for the peace of your sleep;
  • The cushions for the sofa, carpets and duvets on the bed are also essential accessories for decorating your bedroom;
  • Wash your sheets regularly, preferably every week, to keep the premises clean;
  • If you don’t have a laundry room at home, a small basket or basket can help you put away your dirty laundry for washing;
  • Etc.

    Reduce the furniture in your bedroom

  • Opt for a sober and refined decoration, in order to benefit from more places and ventilate your room. For example, a library should be located outside of the rest area. Likewise, chairs, tables, shelves that you will not need will have to end up in your living room or in a storage room. The more furniture you have in your room, the more your space shrinks.

    Choose the right colors

    Since your bedroom represents the space mainly reserved for rest and sleep, you should choose for its embellishment colors less garish and much more conducive to relaxation. The e red and yellow are such shades that you must avoid to use to decorate your room. Avoid a wide variety of colors, but make sure that all the colors chosen for the wall, furniture or sheets can communicate with each other to make your room both attractive and relaxing. For the wall, you can favor gray at the expense of white.Besides, you absolutely must not neglect the curtains. In addition to the many advantages mentioned above, they bring style to your home. This is also the reason why you should choose them carefully. Besides the fabric, the shade is the second aspect to take into account especially in order to isolate the light through your windows and doors. Also remember that you should paint your bedroom with fairly soft colors.

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