How to decorate your interior with a kilim rug?

Fancy an ethnic decoration? That’s good, the kilim carpet is making a comeback and will bring that oriental, warm and comforting side that you are looking for your interior.

Of Turkish origin, the kilim is a carpet that is found today in the East and in North Africa. Woven or knotted by hand, in linen, jute or wool, the kilim rug is recognizable by its shades of warm colors and its geometric patterns. Very appreciated for its small oriental, warm and comforting side, the kilim blends as well in contemporary interiors as in traditional atmospheres and that’s why we love it!

The kilim for a warm living room

The kilim usually finds its place in the living room. In addition to putting color in your room, it brings a traditional and ethnic touch to your decoration. Placed in the middle of vintage or modern furniture, the kilim rug has the advantage of adapting and matching with all styles. If some prefer to opt for a large rug for their living room, the kilim can also be overweight.

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But beware, the carpet does not have the monopoly of the kilim since it can also be found on the walls or upholstered on furniture that would need a second youth, such as an old armchair for example. In any case, the kilim will always have its small effect and give character to your living room. And that’s good, we found you some photos that will give you some inspirations!

The kilim for an ethnic room

If you are not a fan of the kilim in the living room, you may like it more in your bedroom! And indeed, the kilim will offer an ultra cocooning atmosphere to your room in the blink of an eye. We especially like it when getting off the bed, provided that the bed linen is sober because the patchwork spirit of the kilim does all the work alone! Do you want originality? The kilim rug will also have a small effect as a bedspread or cushion, for example to warm a white duvet.

Heat your bathroom with a kilim

Even more surprising, the kilim sometimes finds its place in the bathroom. The advantage of this carpet is that in addition to warming this room which is often found very cold by its colors, its authenticity and its character, it also brings a little ethnic touch to your room. Along a bathtub, the kilim will dress and warm up white tiles. To make your bathroom a cozy and comfortable place, add a velvet pouffe not far away and why not green plants for a perfect Zen

The kilim for an oriental-style cuisine

At home, the kilim rug intrudes into the kitchen! If some prefer the kilim in its XXL version – to be placed under the dining room table – others turn to smaller rugs placed in front of a sink or almost everywhere in the center of the room. With its many colors, the kilim will bring pep’s in a room where dark furniture reigns but will also energize a bohemian and natural atmosphere. It’s up to you to make the most of it to give style to your kitchen!

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