How To Make The Best DIY Wall Massironi Round-Shelf or Bookshelf

How To Make The Best DIY Wall Massironi Round-Shelf or Bookshelf

Essential Management Tools: You Will Need in This Project

  • 4 Hanging brackets screws
  • Band saw
  • Chisel
  • Planer
  • Paper, pencil
  • Straight planks, we chose pine wood
  • Sander and sandpaper
  • Wooden Painting color and Tools
  • The last one is Computer with Cad program

Step 2: Dimentions Step

The original Massironi shelf with 5 planks has a diameter of 1676 mm (66 inch) and a depth of 355 mm (14 inch). A rack of these measurements occupies much room which is the reason we chosen to make it around 2/3 of the first measurements, consequently a distance across of 1100 mm and a profundity of 240 mm. The center level and vertical board will pursue these measurements.

Step 3: Dimension Step

Our needed around 4 compartments over the rack. To accomplish this the elements of the compartments were picked to be 200×200 mm. Since the wood utilized was 15 mm the compartments are set 7.5 mm out from the middle. The compartments were then extruded from the circle using the Inventor tools extrude and mirror which yielded the part below.

Step 4: Draw Your Template or Not

We chose to draw the layouts on paper and cut out the joints. In any case, next time I would go to a print shop and print it out in genuine size. Paste it onto the wood and cut it out. This will made it substantially more secure than illustration by hand.

Step 5: Plane the Lumber

We planed the lumber to 1.5 cm

Step 6: Draw the Template on Your Planks

We placed the template on the planks and drew it. Or if you have printed the templates in the actual size, glue the templates on your planks.

Step 7: Cut the Planks

Cut the planks with your band saw or with your jigsaw and sand the planks smooth.

Step 8: Make Half Lap Joints

Cut the joints with a saw and beat out the piece of wood with a chisel.

Step 9: Assemble and Adjust

Step 10: Apply 4 Hanging Brackets

Apply four hanging brackets and mount to the wall. We choose pine which doesn’t weight much but if you will use oak you may consider a different way to mount your shelf onto the wall.

Step 11: To Paint or Not to Paint

source: instructables

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