How to place your bed in a small room?

Overflowing cupboards, clothes piling up everywhere and shoes that you don’t know where to put away? The diagnosis is simple: it is necessary to arrange a dressing in the entry. Here are 6 ways to arrange closets, wardrobes and boxes in this flagship passage of the house.

Put it away when you enter it , here is a good idea for a house or an apartment with a pin-hole all year round! But how to organize a cupboard in an entrance or create a real dressing room without overloading this passage room and what is more, the first that we discover once the front door passed. Here are some explanations and examples to follow.

1. A dressing room all around the front door

نتيجة بحث الصور عن dressing room

Some would say that these are more storage lockers than classic walk-in closets, but that’s the idea of ​​this very well optimized entrance layout. The storage spaces literally fit around the front door. Simple shelves , open or closed boxes, wardrobe punctuate the decor. Everything you need to store clothes, coats, bags and shoes is at your fingertips through this roughly successful wall composition.

The extra tip? Before embarking on the composition of such a dressing room, it is necessary to think beforehand about its needs and those of the family: will there be more open lockers than closed, more space devoted to the wardrobe? The entrance closet must take into account everyone’s needs.

2. A dressing room with bench seat for the entrance

This entrance dressing room has it all. He invites himself over a whole section of wall in a white which favors the luminosity in the heart of a passage room generally little provided with windows. Composed with precision, it offers both practical low storage for children and high cupboards for storing winter clothes for example. A few high niches can accommodate the decoration, otherwise everything remains hidden behind cupboard doors. Finally, the real good idea of ​​this composition of cupboards is the space given to a bench which is not too much in this passage room where there is always a lack of space for seating.

3. A self-contained walk-in closet

نتيجة بحث الصور عن small bedroom

Simple and efficient, this entrance wardrobe consists of a large wardrobe. An installation that offers a large volume of storage and an optimal situation since it covers the entire wall of the entrance. Imposing by its size, this wardrobe alternates functions: it accommodates a wardrobe part and a storage part with shelves. If it offers optimal storage, it encroaches by its substantial size the entrance. Also such a dressing will only take place in a large entrance .

4. A dressing room in the entrance under the stairs

نتيجة بحث الصور عن small bedroom

Arranging the space under your staircase, accessible from the entrance, can save you additional storage space, or even save an extra room! The space under a staircase depends on its shape (straight staircase, quarter turn, with a landing …), its height and the place where it is located. The easiest staircases are straight stairs . The higher they are, the more space you have underneath. The idea is to have several closets with wardrobes and shelves to accommodate coats, shoes and clothes. The highest side can accommodate sliding boxes fitted with clothes rails for coats, while the lowest part will be used to store shoes.

5. A large dressing room for the entrance

نتيجة بحث الصور عن small bedroom

This large dressing room blends into the decor of the entrance. With its cream-colored sliding doors , it brings light and warmth to this elegant black entrance. Dressing room complete with wardrobe, drawers and shelves, this model proves that the dressing room is not only entitled to sit in the parental suites . On the contrary, its presence here allows you to tidy up in style as soon as you enter.

The decor tip in addition? The choice of sliding doors. We appreciate the idea of ​​being able to keep part of the dressing room open, in particular that which has a clever storage compartment completed by a mirror. So when the guests arrive unexpectedly, we just have to close the doors. Smart!

6. An open dressing room for the entrance

نتيجة بحث الصور عن small bedroom

Minimalist and trendy, the open wardrobe is essential up to the entrance. Its small size is perfectly suited to small entrances that would seek to gain some additional storage. It offers the essentials: wardrobes, shelves, coat hooks. A rudimentary character which is enough to dress in style the entrance of an apartment for one or two people.

decor tip in addition? Its extremely simplistic and practical structure can also make it possible to structure the space and to use it as a partition for example in the case of a studio entrance .

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