Terracotta decor: 5 ways to easily adopt it at home

From the bedroom to the living room, the terracotta color invites itself into our interiors to warm up the atmosphere. This pretty earthy shade infuses a touch of authenticity into our cocoons. Find out how to easily adopt it into your decor.

This year, terracotta is one of the trendy colors . In Italian, this term literally means “terracotta” . For some, it evokes especially the sun powder, others associate it with ancient pottery, with the colors of the medinas, with the roofs of Italian houses … Dark pink for some, rust orange for others, the terracotta color comes in a thousand and one tones.

Even adopted in small touches, it breathes an enveloping and comforting atmosphere into our homes. In all over or by touches, the terracotta color stands out as the new decorative addiction of the moment. We tell you how to adopt it easily and above all, with taste!

Why succumb to the terracotta color?

Warm and dynamic, the terracotta color has the power to make us travel without moving from home. This intense rust evokes the earth of the south, the roofs of Italian houses and sunny riads. Used sparingly, terracotta brings a touch of authenticity, warmth and gives a good dose of character to a room. This color with a thousand shades adapts to all our decorative desires, ranging from ocher to Sienna through to tomette red. And if we love this earthy shade so much, it is also because it is easy to use in all rooms of the house: from the bedroom to the living room via the terrace.

How to adopt terracotta in its decoration?

  • Opt for a terracotta wall

To bring depth and intensity to a room, you dare the terracotta wall. In the living room, we put on a section of wall only and we balance with lighter shades like beige or light gray. We give cocooning airs to our room by adopting this warm color. And because its red tones can frighten more than one, you can choose to paint only part of the wall, and create a headboard effect underbody to adopt it gently. Another option: we put on a shade that tends more to old rose and we associate it with a lighter paint.

  • Duvet cover, cushions: terracotta textile

Don’t want to repaint the walls? Cushions, throws and other textiles will do their best to illuminate a room with terracotta. We choose them in linen to give a natural style to our decoration.

  • Decorate with terracotta pots

The simplest (and cheapest) solution to adopt terracotta? We crack on the terracotta pots. To decorate your bohemian balcony and your interior, nothing could be easier than investing in pretty terracotta pots for plants. Cacti, succulents, succulents, the green trend goes perfectly with the terracotta decor.

  • By small touches with accessories

A painting, a light in the living room, a candle, a vase … Decorative objects allow you to subtly invite terracotta into our interior. We also think of the art of the table to adopt this warm and trendy shade in all elegance.

  • Terracotta furniture

You can also choose to fall for a beautiful terracotta piece, more imposing: a sofa, an armchair, a pendant lamp or chairs. They can sublimate the room alone to warm the atmosphere.

With what color to associate the terracotta?

  • Grey

The perfect shade to integrate the terracotta color without making a mistake? Grey. It brings a touch of chic to interior design. We opt for example for a gray fabric sofa to bring out a terracotta wall. The original idea that we love? Painting its terracotta ceiling and walls in gray, a nice way to give depth to a room.

  • Beige

We associate terracotta with beige or off-white to soften its intensity. For a wabi-sabi atmosphere , we do not hesitate to combine these two shades with natural materials such as wood, linen, cane. In the bedroom, we put on beige walls and terracotta bed linen for a cozy decoration. And to adopt it in a clean and clear living room, we opt for two or three rust-colored pieces: an armchair, cushions, a vase, a design lamp …

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