The 11 Most Important Elements Which Should Be Available in the Bedroom Designs

The Elements Which Should Be Available in the Bedroom Designs

The most important element is the choice of location bedroom, preferably a room overlooking the garden or any natural place, so we create an extension visually to the outside gives the place a sense of wide and openness.

1 After selecting a site, you can start dealing with the defects that would affect the sense of comfort, such as putting a large mirror behind the bed to disguise the lack of space and to give a sense of freedom, knowing that it is possible to add lighting units quiet on its sides addition to the possibility to hide any defects in the wall using a painting colors and comfortable to the eye ..

2 Consistency between the style and decorated the room with the personal nature of the person’s lifestyle, and therefore are selected classic character or fashionable or otherwise. And of course the most important units are bed favored by some small height so they can climb it easily and without effort, while others favored for high-class Chinese and Japanese, on the basis that lends distinction to the operation room and a sense of breadth at the same time. And must be very careful to choose the type of place for the rest of the body and rid it of back and joint pain that can be exposed as a result of bad and non-solid salaries.

3 Bedroom furniture no less important than the same decor, they are essential to completion of the beauty of the room, so it must be consistent with the rest of the elements. Preferably use of color unilateralism free inscriptions such as white, light-colored, and can the merger between the classical and the modern, especially in the covers and furniture; because it can be easily changed, as a kind of renewal in the overall shape of the room.

4 You can make slab bed is your room decor and beauty center, so you should make this slab high and decorated in a manner different from the rest of the room furniture. This method is suitable for small rooms with simple decor and furniture.

5 Curtains one of the important elements for the elegance bedroom, Preferably less than the inscriptions on the curtains To be comfortable to the eye, as well as the suspension of the curtains at the highest point in the wall and non-compliance with the limits of the window helps to add an imaginary high for room with a low ceiling.

6 if the room is too wide, it can be added to one side seats and pieces of handmade carpets, it would make it more comfortable.

7 The light colored give a wider and darker suggest is small it can mixing the two to create a sense of contradiction. In addition to the dark colors have a great role in solving some of the design problems; The room with the excess length be uncomfortable to the eye, and that can overcome the wall paint in dark colors such as gray or navy blue or dark blue.

8 There are other tricks in the decor for small rooms, such as pasting paper planned longitudinally wall with adding lighting longitudinal give wider, and make the room as part of the palace, on condition that chime with the colors of bedroom furniture and furnishings, and coordination between the grades very carefully so the color does not affect in the other color.

9 Preferably changing room accessories from time to time

10 Candles and scents favorite play a big role to make the room oasis of comfort Because it really affects the human psyche, and improves mood

11 Racking is an ideal solution to add some accessories and beautiful images in a small bedroom.

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