The 5 rules to know to organize your living room

Of course no living room is like another. Between the available space, the orientation, the architecture of the room and the profile of the inhabitants, there will never be two similar configurations. However, a living room necessarily has some invariable data such as essential furniture such as seats like a sofa and armchairs, one or more coffee tables, light fixtures here and there and some storage. Key elements that are well laid out form the basis of its layout.

Equip your living room with key furniture

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The key furniture in the living room must be proportional in number and size to the volume of the room: the smaller the living room, the more it will be necessary to provide it with small, modular furniture that is easy to integrate. It is then necessary to find their location according to several criteria. First starting with the largest room, the sofa, which stands out as the central element of any living room. Linear sofa or corner sofa, sofa of a place and a half to 4 or even 5 places, it can measure from 1.20 m to more than 4 m long for some models. Ditto for its depth which can vary between 80 cm and 1.30 m. This variety allows you to play with the architecture of the room if you have decided to change the sofa. But that may be another story if you absolutely want to keep your old model. Because to find its place, it will be necessary to respect certain elementary rules of development. A sofa will never go without a coffee table in order to deposit a small decoration as readings or to be transformed into a small reception table when there are guests. Here is a second most important rule: you must avoid associating large sofa and small coffee table and vice versa, at the risk of breaking the volume and balance of the room.

Another essential part of the show is the accent chairs . They can be fixed or retractable if the room is too small or scalable like a studio for example. For comfort and circulation, all the seats in the room must be spaced at least 30 cm and arranged around a central coffee table, at least 40 cm from it.

Properly orient the arrangement of furniture in the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

For a fully pleasant living room, it is necessary to favor a good orientation and therefore provision of key furniture. If the living room should preferably be exposed to the south, to take advantage of the light and the solar contribution, the same goes for the sofa. In this room it is he who dominates the space and who, therefore, must be installed and properly oriented first. It is also a question of placing it according to the views, avoiding making it turn its back to the chimney if there is one and respecting a safety distance of at least 70 cm. If the living room has a large picture window, it will be advisable to orient it facing the outside landscape. If it is generally recommended to install it back to the wall, the sofa can also sometimes act as a wall unit. Arranged across the room, it can perfectly separate the living room from the dining room . Once the sofa is arranged, all the other elements will be easier to place: the coffee tables in front of it, the ends of the sofa and floor lamp at each end and why not a console or storage space against its back.

Do not neglect the different light sources in the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

As in all rooms of the house, special care must be taken in the light. At the lounge, we receive, we dine, we work, we discuss, we play. This multi functional room must in turn have natural light and mood light to perfect the activities and the cozy character of the place. Before building a house , you should think about locating this living room to the south and, if possible, provide large picture windows to promote the diffusion of natural light. If it is the renovation of a living room, it will be necessary to be tricky by the presence of light colors which favor the light and especially the multiplication of light sources with a large suspension above the coffee table or the dining table, a reading lamp near the sofa or an armchair, and why not a few extra small lamps on a fireplace or a shelf … To gain charm in this ultra-friendly room, we cannot recommend you too much the use of a dimmer to vary the power of the lighting at over the hours of the day.

Consider incorporating enough storage in the living room

نتيجة بحث الصور عن living room

Finally, the living room must also have some storage space. Generally, the undisputed storage in the living room is none other than the library. With it, we kill two birds with one stone: we tidy up and decorate the living room wall. Its presence saves a little or a lot of shelves depending on its size. Often arranged on either side of the fireplace or along a wall, the library can also serve as a dividing wall with the entrance or the dining room. In the case of a small living room , modular furniture will be advised to store without losing an inch. We therefore prefer chest poufs as seats rather than classic armchairs as well as low tables with storage. Another possible option: occasional furniture of the end of sofa type which can accommodate drawers but also magazine racks just to keep reading.

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