What Are Popular Kitchen Colors for 2020

What Are Popular Kitchen Colors for 2020

When we talk about the problem of choosing the latest kitchen color, the issue is of course not limited to the color of wall paint, kitchen floor or ceramic.

Rather, the best colors of modern kitchens include many things, including wall color, kitchen cupboard, kitchen marble, floor and accessories or appliances.

The following will be explained one by one, tips on choosing the kitchen color from each of the elements inside the kitchen that should be given attention in modern coloring.

If you pay attention to the color of the kitchen room, some of the biggest items in it are the kitchen storage cupboard, and it is not composed of only the colors of the walls and walls of the kitchen.

The size of the cupboard of the kitchen cabinets covers approximately 60% more than the walls of the kitchen wall. Therefore, the application of tips for choosing a color should give priority to choosing the color of the kitchen cupboard and the modern colors of the kitchen.

Modern colors for kitchens

When applying tips on choosing the color of the cupboard coating over the cabinet color, pay attention to the topic of the most beautiful colors of the interior design of the kitchen that you want to install.
For example, if you want a touch of woody split colors, you can choose the colors of kitchens, wood kitchens, or veneers to choose the most beautiful kitchens in wood colors.

Kitchen color Wood On the contrary, if you want to display a more modern feel for the latest 2019 kitchens, you can use a number of bright colors such as red, white, green or black.

Simple kitchen colors

And you can display a simple impression of modern and more traditional kitchen shapes and colors, you can choose a dark-colored kitchen, such as sepia.
To bring accents to the kitchen colors, you can apply a mixture of kitchen color combinations.
Such as choosing different colors between the lower cabinet and the upper cabinet, combining colors between alternate lines of movement, or combining the most beautiful different colors.

You should choose a color that suits the cabinet, this matching color aims to create harmony and harmony in the modern and modern kitchen.

Marble colors in the kitchen

You can combine dark and bright marble colors on the cupboard and the back of the kitchen surface. There are many types of marble in many colors to meet different tastes, including wonderful forms.

For example, you can apply a dark color to the closet, and then apply bright colors. Likewise, on the contrary, you apply bright colors to dark kitchen colors. This is to keep the kitchen from feeling dark with the dark color on the kitchen.

If you want to give a fresh touch to your home kitchen, and change the atmosphere of the kitchen room to be more beautiful and comfortable for cooking, one way you can do is to change the color of the kitchen paint.

The color of the kitchen and wall ceramics

So in choosing paint colors for a simple home kitchen, before choosing kitchen colors, pay attention to some things such as room width, lighting, walls, floors, ceramics, furniture, kitchen supplies, and the type of paint you want. Such a thing will influence the color selection that matches the color of the new kitchen paint.

White is often used in the kitchen because it makes the room look brighter, spacious and clean, the white color is suitable for you to choose, especially if your kitchen is simple.
However, if you feel white is less attractive, you can use colors that contrast with white, whether for wall paint or used furniture.

Choosing a dark kitchen paint color

The kitchen looks elegant with dark colors, if you like dark colors like gray and blue or even black and white tones, you should choose kitchen equipment in contrasting colors. Then use white or silver for the furniture as a weight.

In fact, the dark colored kitchen walls will make them look narrower, the choice of paint color is bright, a touch of red makes the kitchen colors bright and beautiful, choose bright colors like yellow, orange or red if you want your kitchen to look attractive and fun.

Although it is not as bright as white, it does give an attractive and cozy look to the kitchen when used for a long time, however, if you choose red, be sure to choose a bright enough lamp and your home’s kitchen is large, the reason is that red can be classified as Dark color to make the room appear tight.

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